Shipping most orders out in 4 DAYS



 Are the prices on your website current?

            Yes, we keep our website current.

Do your prices include shipping?

            Shipping is not included in the price.

How much is shipping?

            We use USPS flat-rate shipping up to 70 lbs is $18.00. This includes       


Where is my tracking number?

            USPS emails a tracking # to you after we complete your shipping label. USPS will only pick-up from us Mondays and Thrusdays.

Where is my order?

            Remember it may take a day or two to fill your order depending on how many orders are ahead of you. We are working as fast as we can. The USPS is (WHINING) about how heavy and how many boxes we ship.

What is your lost order policy?

            If after 14 days you do not receive your order we will ship another order to you.

Can I change my order after I place it?

            No, we can cancel your order and credit your C.C. back. Then you can place another order.

What hardness lead do you use?

            Several it shows on each bullet.

What kind of lube do you use?

            Magma Lube and SPG for black powder.

What do the abbreviations mean?

           Look on the abbreviations page.

How fast can I push our bullets?

           It depends on the hardness 5-8 BHN with gas check 1,000 fps - 12 BHN 1,200 fps -15 BHN 1,500 FPS - 22 BHN 2,200 FPS with gas checks even higher. It also depends on the bore condition of you firearm. And what your firearm was    designed for.

Are your bullets in stock?

           Yes if we do run out you might see 3-4 day longer ship time.

Are your bullets sized and lubed?

           Yes they are.

Do you sell unsized and unlubed bullets?

            No per insurance company.

Will your bullets work in my firearms?

           As long as your firearm is in good shootable condition. To find this out, on old firearms you may want a certified gunsmith to look at them. Gas operated firearms may have issues with the gas port leading up. From all the feed back the gas operated fireams preform great with the 22 BHN lead.